Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set
Snap Button DIY Set

Snap Button DIY Set

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When you need a snap button this kit will help you apply one in a snap

You'll love the ease and convenience of these pliers. It only takes a few seconds to install a snap! Snap Button DIY Set aren't just for clothing or diapers. Use them to make wallets, add them to towels to keep them from falling off the rack, make no-sew pacifier clip ribbon holders, put them on mittens or socks to keep them from disappearing, create cinch belts, etc - the possibilities are truly endless!

  •  PERFECT FOR ALL KINDS OF PROJECTS: You can use it to make baby bibs, diaper, towels, children's clothing, nurse uniform, rain wear, shirt, coat, jacket, backpack, hat, shoes, bag, diy, handicrafts, handmade card stock, etc.

  •  EASY TO USE: Push the prongs through the fabric, add a stud on top of one of the prongs, and a socket on top of one, place the cap in the pliers and squeeze, complete. Great kit for both professional tailor and starter.

  • PLASTIC SNAP BUTTONS: Skin-friendly no rust snap fasteners has high quality, it will be fine if it washed and dried by machine.

  • SNAP BUTTONS PILERS: can work with T5 snap, ease and convenience of use.



  •  Step 1: Mark the place of snaps on project, use awl to make a small hole on fabric. 
  • Step 2: Insert prong of the snap cap into hole and place socket over prong. 
  • Step 3: Position pliers with cap in black die tray and socket under rubber pressing head. 
  • Step 4: Make sure cap is centered and seated in die tray and squeeze plier firmly for secure. 
  •  Step 5: Repeat with second cap and stud. 
  • Step 6: Check the snaps. 


Material: Plastic & carbon steel


1 Set x T5 150pcs (12mm) Snap Button DIY Set


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