ZRDR Aquarium DIY CO2 Generator System Kit

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Never worry about co2 for your aquarium again.


  • Be made of stainless steel. It is strong, durable, and efficient.
  • Well-sealed caps and pipes, leak-proof, non-deformed, never loose.
  • Professional pressure gauge for pressure watch.
  • Cheap, simple to create pure CO2 constantly by chemical reactions.
  • Solenoid valve: To control the on and off of the CO2 generator system using a timer(not included).
  • Bubble counter with a check valve: Flow-rate of CO2 gas indication device and prevent water flow back into the bottle.
  • Equipped with a safety valve, the pressure is greater than 4kg pressure will relieve automatically, carbonated beverage bottle pressure is 8kg, safety is ensured.
  • The safety valve supports manual pressure relief. When the pressure is below 4kg, it can be manually relieved by pull the ring of the safety valve. It is very safe.


  • Name: DIY CO2 generator system+solenoid+bubble counter & check valve
  • Main material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Main color: Silver
  • A/B/C/E type is optional: CO2 generator system/CO2 generator system+bubble counter with check valve/CO2 generator system+bubble counter with check valve+solenoid
  • Raw material ratio:
    A bottle: Citric acid 200g+water 600g
    B bottle: Baking soda 200g+water 200g


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