The Pet Rubber Broom

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Say Goodbye to fleas and Ticks!

The Pet Rubber Broom is the All-in-One solution you never knew existed. No need to buy an expense Vacuum, and a Broom and a Squeegee, and a Mop. The Pet Runner Broom easily removes dog hair or cat hair from carpets, hardwood, tiles, stairs, and any other surface. You’ll be surprised to see how much pet hair you can pull out from fabric surfaces like the carpet or couch. No more being embarrassed when your friends come with pet hair all over their clothes!

Designed with soft rubber bristles that are safe to use on hardwood floors. Each bristle creates a static charge that attracts dust, dirt, and pet hair that will cut your cleaning time in half.

This pet broom is the perfect solution for homeowners with long-haired pets that shed their coats all year round.

  • FABRICS – The ionic electronic bristles will effortlessly pull fur and dust out of carpets, furniture, bedding, cars, clothing, and more.
  • HARD SURFACES – Use the Pet Rubber Broom as a broom and get all the nastiness off the surface and between the cracks of Hardwood Floors, Tiles, and Laminate. Then throw down some soap and water and the Pet Broom doubles as a mop.
  • LASTS FOREVER – We made this so you wouldn’t have to replace it, EVER. The bristles stay clean and won’t break off even after years of use.
  • ELECTRICALLY CHARGED BRISTLES – How we do it? Our little secret. What does this mean for you? Pick up pet hard, dust and dirt and watch it cling to the bristles.
  • PET HAIR REMOVAL – This brush works flawlessly to remove pet hair from carpets and rugs. It’s extremely simple to use. Just sweep in small strokes to make cleaning up pet hair a breeze.
  • EFFORTLESS SWEEP – Rubber Bristles easily gather up dust, hair, paper scrapes on floor and carpets, increasing 50% efficiency than a normal broom.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and PORTABLE – Avoid using vacuums that just don’t successfully pick up all the hair and son clog and damage the machine. With the PET RUBBER BROOM, all you have to do is take out this extremely lightweight broom and start sweeping. 
The Pet Rubber Broom
The Pet Rubber Broom
  • 1 x The Pet Rubber Broom


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