Tap Beats

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Upgrade your fishing game to a whole new level!

Tired of waiting endlessly under the unbearable hot sun, yet not even catching a single fish? Try out the Tap Beats & become a fishing master instantly!

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The Tap Beats are innovative floats that mimic the jumping & taping action of bugs on the surface of the water, creating an illusion of living bait to attracts fishing easily! It is effective on most species of fishes, in all types of water!

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The Tap Beats is made of high-quality EVA Solid Core Elastic Material, giving it a better floating ability to make it better noticeable whenever the fish is on the hook! It is also designed specially to increase its sensitivity by applying suitable counterweights, dramatically increase the chance for a catch!

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  • Suitable to be Used on Sea, Lake & River
  • Achieve Bottom-finding Effect Using Counter Weights
  • Made of High-quality EVA Solid Core Elastic Material
  • Better Floating Ability & Improved Sensitivity
  • Easy & Practical to Use


  • 1 x Tap Beats


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3 reviews for Tap Beats

    Richard F
    Easy to cast and very visible!
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    Josh Q
    Great float! Serve its purpose. Will definitely order again
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    Daniel kelley
    Quality floats that hold up
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