Surfcasting Trigger

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Hold and cast the line easily without hurting your fingers with Surfcasting Trigger

Surfcast is fun, but when it comes to long cast, your index fingers might hurt as the fishing lines slip through your fingers again and again.

Surfcasting Trigger

Works perfectly for mono or braided lines, and great for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is the perfect tool for beginner to learn the perfect timing to release the cast without harming their fingers too. Get yourself a pair of Surfcasting Trigger for this summer fishing trip!

Surfcasting Trigger


  • Improves accuracy and distance.
  • Completely eliminates damage to the index finger during the cast.
  • Very helpful in the winter season when your finger is cold and you need to cast maximum distance.
  • Nicole galvanized and anti-friction coated, so it can reduce damaging your line and minimize the risk of breaking.
  • Rust-proof.


1 x Surfcasting Trigger


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