Seven Chakra Stones

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Remove negative energy in your mind and body with these stones.

Seven Chakra Stones


  • This super value set includes 7 gemstones selected for their individual properties and alignment to the 7 Chakras.
  • Chakras are energy points aligned along our spinal column.
  • Each Chakra represents a physical, emotional, or mental state.
  • Each Chakra center is connected to us on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.
  • When the Chakras are out of balance we will manifest symptoms of discomfort in all these areas.
  • The stones are used to balance the Chakras and enhance Chakra healing.
  • Place them on the energy center or hold them whilst meditating and you can carry them with you during the day.

Seven Chakra Stones


  • 7 gemstones chakra.


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