Serbian Knife

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Slice and chop meat effortlessly!

Introducing The Serbian Butcher Knife – this forged knife has a legendary story and 20 years of innovation behind it.

Serbian Knife

Dating back to 20 years ago, the knife has been forged manually from Serbian Sarschach Steel using ancient techniques from the far east by experienced blacksmiths.


Minimal Wrist Fatigue & Incredible Control: 

  • With the wood & steel shank the knife provides anyone a great control over chopping.

Easily Separates Meat Away:

  • The carbon blade which is thoroughly tested with time-tested techniques is sharp enough to throw away any bone from meat.

Made With High Carbon Steel:

  • Provides toughness and minimal resistance. 

Serbian Knife

(The rust on the knife is a reminder that this knife is handmade. Don’t worry it is natural for handmade knives)

The knife is perfect for outdoors. Serves as a multipurpose knife by letting you cut from veggies to the meat to everything!

This is the last knife you’re ever going to need – Don’t take our words. Experience it yourself. 

Serbian Knife

The knives are sharpened manually by workers with more than 30 years of experience by using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei.

This knife has proven its ability to withstand the rigors of tough restaurant use.


  • 1 x Serbian Knife



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5 reviews for Serbian Knife

    oh boy, in the kitchen, this thing is a Beast! Arrived very sharp, didn't need to do a thing to it. This knife really shines where there are hard or h...More
    oh boy, in the kitchen, this thing is a Beast! Arrived very sharp, didn't need to do a thing to it. This knife really shines where there are hard or heavy or bulky or large things to cut up or slice. Like huuge potatoes. I can just bite the skin, then let the weight of the knife do most of the work instead of having to use force with my hands. Be careful handling this blade at first, until you get used to the shape and weight of it, only took me one or two uses, and fine after that. No problem whatsoever with the blade rusting. I wash and dry it immediately after use. I do not oil the blade, just make sure it stays dry. If you're curious about it, go ahead and get it. I am *very* glad I did.

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    cameron long
    Finally came in after 45 days Came in better than expected- only wish it had a sheath with it- Heavy and evenly balanced Great looking knife
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    Nice heavy chopper, easy to sharpen, keep dry or it rusts.
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    Cidney Pluff
    My husband and I absolutely love this knife
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    This knife is awesome, it comes very sharp, it slices through all vegetables like a laser.
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