Mintiml Wrench

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A very convenient tool that will remove nuts and bolts with different sizes continuously with ease.

Mintiml Wrench was professionally designed to function much like traditional sockets but in a single convenient tool. Unlike restrictive pin-type sockets, it easily handles high torques, firmly and properly gripping any nuts and bolts within its continuously adjustable size range.

Mintiml Wrench

  • Replaces over 30 sockets from 3/8″ to 3/4″ and 10 to 19 mm.

Mintiml Wrench

  • Grips and removes damaged, rounded-off and rusty nuts and bolts with ease.
  • Tightly grips nuts and bolts for easy, one-handed operation.
  • Handles much higher loads than other adjustable tools.
  • Maintains even an equal force on all sides of fastener preventing rounded corners.
  • Fits any standard 3/8″ drive wrench.


    • 1 x Mintiml Wrench


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    3 reviews for Mintiml Wrench

      Egdre Lgden Crefe
      Great product, other heads can be adjusted from 3/8' to 3/4',fit most of size or shapes.
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      Joshua Trimmer
      I have been using it for two days,and the product is very easy to use,I will leave a updated comment after 1-2 months.
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      John S.
      adjusts from 10mm to 19mm with ease, well made.
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