Mini Tabletop Soccer Game Desktop

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Have fun and excitement with the kids!

  • Table football toy, stretch, single-use, simple operation, practical, no venue restrictions, sports indoor products.
  • It relieves the tension of the lens of the eyeball, is simple and practical, and can play Table football whenever and wherever.
  • Increase the entertainment of family members and increase the feelings of family members in the game, especially good for Grandparents-Kids Interaction.
  • Exercising the reaction speed of children and the elderly can be an interesting competition. Exercise responsiveness, concentration.
  • Make children grow up healthier and spend less time playing with electronic products.

Mini Tabletop Soccer Game Desktop

    Mini Tabletop Soccer Game Desktop


    • Base material: ABS plastic


    • 1 × Table football toy


    Mini Tabletop Soccer Game Desktop


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    3 reviews for Mini Tabletop Soccer Game Desktop

      Mellisa Gouin
      So much fun to play, my cats join in with us and play to.
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      Brosnan 6
      I don't know....maybe we got lucky. The kids and husband have been playing with it pretty rough and it's holding up.
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      For what I paid, this is a fantastic product. My kids (almost 4 and 6) love it.
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