Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax

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Bring dull furniture & leather back to life.

The Polishing Beeswax is a great natural helper to polish, repair, and restores the natural beauty of wood or leather. This beeswax can penetrate into the wood or leather and provide a protective coating to them. It can bring a silky-smooth and shiny looking.

Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax

Having the furniture waxed, the rich ingredient can cover the cracks and reduce scratches on surfaces. With the water-resistant coating, no more liquids go into the woods causing damages. 


  • Polish Wooden Surfaces: The beeswax can nourish wooden surfaces and give the wood a silky-smooth feeling.

Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax

  • Reduce Scratches & Cracks: The beeswax can form a rich and glossy layer to cover all the scratches and dry cracks restoring the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Water-Resistant: The wax acts as a water-proof coating to prevent any moisture substance from going into the wood.
  • Natural Ingredient: The beeswax is a natural gift that is non-toxic. It is 100% safe for children.

Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax

  • Wide Application: The beers can be applied to a wide variety of wooden furniture like table, chairs, cabinets or door, etc.

Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax



    Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax

    Your leather boots or shoes are probably the dirtiest pieces of leather you have in your home. Because these items are in contact with the ground, where dirt lives, they need to be cleaned regularly.

    Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax

    Leather Restoring Maintaining Beeswax penetrates deep into the leather’s pores to moisturize, soften and restore the leather. It provides moisture which makes the leather pliable and supple again.


    • 100% Brand New and High quality.
    • Material: Beeswax
    • Net weight: 80g


    • 1 x Leather & Household Polishing Beeswax


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      marie hefferon
      This stuff works wonders!
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      Faith Hall
      This product cleans very well and leaves a nice sheen.
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