Jig Head Long Casting T Tail Soft Lure

$12.95 USD

This lure will attract that big bass effectively!

Jig Head Long Casting T Tail Soft Lure


  • Achieve an overwhelming flight distance with a jig head that moves the center of gravity! By using it in combination with a dedicated worm, it achieves a stable flight attitude.
  • Two lure bodies can be replaced.
  • High strength is achieved by the frame structure using a penetrating wire inside the body.
  • By using a jig head in combination with a T-tail worm, it achieves a stable flight attitude. If you retrieve it, it will roll and invite fish with strong vibrations.
  • Classic T-shaped tail design. A worm with outstanding power to eat that is active in the surf, shore, harbor, etc.
  • The interior has a good space structure to facilitate the installation so that the jig head is not easy to loosen.
  • The high-quality saltwater hooks are extremely sharp for lightning-fast penetration and super strong to resist bending.

Jig Head Long Casting T Tail Soft Lure


  • Type: T-tail Soft Lure Set
  • Weight: 35g
  • Length: 110mm
  • Color: Col. A Col. B Col. C Col.D
  • Hooks: Saltwater Hooks #6*2
  • Package: Jig Head*1 Lure Body*2 Saltwater Hooks*2


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