Jumping Frog Lure

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Increase your chances of catching fish on slow days with Jumping Frog Lure

Tried all the lures in your tackle box but there’s still no catch? Well, this is a-must-have lure for your tackle box! Introducing the Jumping Frog Lure, the self-jumping lure invented in Thailand to target predator fish. There’s no twitches needed! A steady straight retrieve is the only way to perform the lure! The physic behind this lure is that the resistance created while retrieving the lure slides the lure upwards repeatedly and mimic the “jumping” action.


To make the lure even more interesting, Jumping Frog Lure has a rubberized skirt and striking paint job on it. Jumping Frog Lure is even equipped with super sharp double hook for better penetration. Get yourself ready for the top water explosion!


  • Steady and consistent jumping action with straight retrieve.
  • Striking paint jobs and equipped with rubberized skirt.
  • Made of ABS material for durability.
  • Noise and splash will definitely attract you fishes.
  • You will never leave this lure behind for your fishing trip!
  • Length: 90mm
  • Weight: 9grams

Includes: 1 x Jumping Frog Lure (Random Color)



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