High Speed Fishing Reel

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These reels are a dream to fish with!



  • 8.1:1 Super High Gear Ratio – Increased wheel diameters make the line faster controlling the bait is faster the moment of throwing has greater power.
  • The thickened gear body improves the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the fishing reel. The sprocket bite is stronger and has a higher fit.
  • The 24-position adjustable linearity makes the control more flexible and convenient.
  • The brake system is more stable and sensitive.
  • Fine-tune the knob to control it. Large drag is suitable for fishing larger fish.
  • The retracting line is smoother, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant, and it is not easy to damage the fishing line.
  • High-precision alloy wire cup, when rotating at high-speed smooth running without bounce, line out smoother.
  • EVA Non-slip Grip comfortable, shaking is more convenient and labor-saving.



  • Item Type: fishing reels
  • Style: Baitcast Reel
  • Gear Ratio: 8.1:1
  • Weight: 222g
  • Spool weight: Shallow spool:17g Deep spool:20g
  • ​Line Capacity(mm-M): BS2000(deep spool):0.26-210/0.28-180/0.30-140, BS2000(shallow spool): 0.148-125/0.165-100


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