Herbal Beauty Peel-off Mask

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Turn your skin youthful again!

Our Herbal Beauty Peel-Off Mask makes your skin look clean and radiant, and your skin feels smooth and totally refreshed.

Fast remove blackheads and minimize pores, deeply moisturizes, and instantly reduces the look of puffiness, loosing skin, expression lines.

Enriched with Panax Ginseng and Caffeine From Coffee Beans, the particles penetrates the dermis rejuvenating collagen deep into the skin, activates cell renewal, eliminates toxins, and brightens uneven skin tone for restoring youthfulness.

Herbal Beauty Peel-off Mask

  • Smooth Wrinkles & Fine Lines:

Panax Ginseng activates the basal cells and natural collagen growth of the skin, which increases the elasticity of the skin.

  • Stimulates Skin Cells:

Caffeine From Coffee Beans leads to improved blood circulation and increased metabolism of skin cells and secretion of the waste.

  • Anti-Aging & Rejuvenating:

The use of Ginseng and other natural herbal extracts can reduce the dryness of the skin and helps in increasing the metabolic rate. This would prevent the skin from premature aging.

  • Blackheads Removal & Pores Minimizing:

Gentle exfoliation to eliminate blackheads, acne, imperfection and it deeply cleans pores for acne-free skin.

  • Brightening to Reveal Radiance:

Gold has brightening properties, which help to brighten and remove uneven skin tone.

  • Improves Elasticity & Firming:

This will further prevent the skin from loosing. The mask increases the elasticity of the skin, thus making it firm and toned.

  • Moisturizing & Nourishing:

Long-lasting hydration to improve resilience and firmness while providing softening and smoothing benefits.

  • For All Skin Types & Body Parts:

Dermatologist Tested; no side effects, safe for all skin types.

    Herbal Beauty Peel-off Mask

    • Net content: 120ml
    • Product ingredients: hyaluronic acid, caramel, etc.
    • Product efficacy: cleans pores and pulls out blackheads
    How to use:

    After cleansing, apply evenly on the face to avoid touching the eyes and lips. Wait for 20-30 minutes after the mask is dry, gently lift it from top to bottom. Use 2-3 times a week.


      • If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately.
      • Keep this product out of the reach of children.
      • Avoid storing light at room temperature.


      • 1 x Herbal Beauty Peel-off Mask


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      4 reviews for Herbal Beauty Peel-off Mask

        This worked wonders for my skin. Also peeling it off was very satisfying.
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        Really easy to use I am happy with it First time trying this kind of cosmetics and I am very pleased with, using 2 times [...]
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        I really like it. This smells like a herb. I found that the black head on my nose is gradually disappearing. I plan to u [...]
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        Nichole Charles
        I was very skeptical about buying any face mask for my skin. I've tried some in the past and they never stick or peel of [...]
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