Face Slim V-Line Lift Up Belt

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Achieve the slim face that you dream of.

Face Slim V-Line Lift Up Belt


  • This mask is specially designed for thin faces.
  • Use of fusion super-elastic fibers, thermal deep stimulation of fat, Quickly burns fat, and promotes facial skin circulation.
  • And the effect will not disappear by washing.
  • Use three-dimensional cut, completely fit from forehead to chin!
  • Made of a special 3-layer material, it helps the face to heat storage and perspiration, achieves the effect of a SPA mask.
  • Even if you are doing housework, you can achieve a full face-lifting effect.

Face Slim V-Line Lift Up Belt


  • Surface Layer (SPA Layer): Special Nylon Fleece + SPA Fabric
  • Middle Layer (Coenzyme Layer): Chloroprene Rubber, Coenzyme R Q Particles.
  • Inner Layer (Infrared Layer): Far-Infrared Fiber for Kanebo
  • Size: 630 X 100mm/24.8 X 3.94″


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