Drill Setting Pilot Puncher

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Instantly Punch Pilot drill holes – so effortlessly!

Start using a Single-Click Drill Setting Pilot Puncher for your woodworking and metalworking projects. With one click, it automatically delivers pilot holes with ease.

HANDY FOR PRECISION DRILLING – For stable, non-slip drilling, you’ll want to center your drill tip using a pilot hole. You can do that with a hammer and a manual punch tool, but it’s not an ideal method – misalignment, missed strikes and tool breakage can happen. This automatic center punch makes the job a lot easier. No need to align instruments or gauge the strength of your blow. One click, and it punches a centering mark. So quick and simple.

SPRING-DRIVEN FORCE – This device is powered by a taut spring. Line up the tip where you want to drill, and with a single press, the spring releases the punch with the strength of a hammer blow. This drives the tip into the material at high speed, resulting in a clear pilot hole for a drill. The spring has adjustable tension – twist the top part of the handle to set.

EXCELLENCE & DURABILITY – Our tools are constructed from 100% pure copper with chrome-plated tips. We aim to produce refined heavy-duty devices that will hold up well under regular use. This center punch stands to be a great help-aid in your workshop for years to come.

EMERGENCY WINDOW BREAKER – We suggest that you keep one of these devices in your car. It can come in very handy in case you need to break a car window for rescue purposes. In an emergency, this center punch could be a lifesaving tool.


  • Material: Knurled steel body, Alloy steel point
  • Color: Gold
  • Size: 131*13MM


  • 1 x Drill Setting Pilot Puncher


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6 reviews for Drill Setting Pilot Puncher

    Billy W
    I just got this thing the other day so I have not spent a lot of time using it. I am currently using it to install some aluminum t track in the top of...More
    I just got this thing the other day so I have not spent a lot of time using it. I am currently using it to install some aluminum t track in the top of my assembly table. Put the point where you want it, press down and BAM, perfect dimple. I really like it so far. Easier to use than the traditional method of a hammer and a punch. At least for me anyway.
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    This replaces the one I lost. It works very well and was quick to be delivered. This punch works great....
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    These work perfectly. It’s a great little centering punch
    0 0
    Dennis C
    Made well, do a good job on metal
    0 0
    Ryan Czejkowski
    Good heavy spring action.
    0 0
    Tabitha Rohn
    Great quality, this product Rocks
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