Crocodile Head Speed RC Boat

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Give fun-packed moments that will thrill you and your family.

The Crocodile Head Speedboat Toy is a special toy with a cool difference. It is a speedboat with a crocodile’s head that is remarkably similar to the real thing. The speedboat speeds about on the water surface, giving the appearance of a crocodile swimming in the water. This will make a real impression, guaranteed to seize the imagination of the kids. It will provide an endless moment of fun for children to occupy them and cheer them up.


Controllable Speed Boat with lots of fun

This exceptional boat is an exciting way to thrill and entertain children. It features a resin made head that simulates a crocodile head. To operate it, you simply place it on the water and use a wireless remote control to maneuver it. It has an internal rechargeable battery that gives it electric power to move. The boat can be controlled perfectly and made to perform any desired movements on the water using the wireless remote control handle. The speed can also be varied to get either low or high speed. This toy will impress anyone operating it, giving them an unforgettable experience.


Easily operated

  • It is pleasantly easy to operate. One only has to use the remote control to manage the crocodile head. Since it runs with a 2.4GHz transmitter, the RC boat will not experience any radio interference. The remote control boat is easily manipulated with movements such as backward, forward, or rotations. This motion includes both left and right rotations. 

Perfect for playing pranks

  • It is ideal for playing mischief on other unsuspecting people. Due to its resin material, it has a realistic appearance resembling a crocodile’s head. So it can easily fool anyone and will scare people offering humorous moments. It can also influence the behavior of other animals such as geese and waterfowl. You can use it to drive away waterfowl and secure your swimming pool.


  • It gives an excellent waterproof performance in the water. It features a waterproof rubber plug for the charging port. The ship bottom is also completely sealed, giving it perfect waterproof conditions.

Water sensing ability

  • When it comes in contact with the water, the propeller shaft enables the toy to sense water. This signals the boat to open promptly. Also, the boat can achieve stability through the action of the balanced twin propellers. This prevents it from overturning, giving good control of the speedboat.

Automatic control for low voltage

  • It comes with low voltage protection. The speed of the remote control boat automatically drops by 40%. This acts as a convenient reminder to the player to recall the boat for charging.


  • Speed: 7km/H Power system ESC: brush
  • Motor: brush
  • Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G
  • Battery: 4XAA battery(not included) 
  • Car Battery: 3.7V 500MAH
  • Charge time: 2-3h
  • Using time: 15min
  • Control distance: 30m
  • Function: forward,backward,left,right
  • Proportional control: proportional control 
  • Size: 32*17*12cm
  • Package size: 39*20*12.5cm 
  • Weight: 900g


  • 1 x Crocodile Head Speed RC Boat


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