Auto Car Brake Fluid Oil Change Replacement Tool

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Change brake fluid oil of your car easily!

  • Quick change the brake oil, clutch oil, and the direction of the oil, become very simple.
  • The DIY Kit is easily to install , Widely used in many areas such as: cars, trucks and engineering vehicles,DIY and so on
  • Different from the traditional tiring and boring oil replacing method
  • Easy to operate, one person can finish brake fluid replacing work.
  • Highly flexible transparent hose can be docked with a variety of brake cylinder emptying screws, acid and alkali corrosion resistance

How To Use:

  • Take away the dirty brake fluid from the tank.
  • Put in the new fluid back.
  • Start the car and connect the hose between the equipment and the brake branch pump.
  • Twist the screw to be loose,but not completely.Then open valve to start siphoning the fluid out.Please turn off the valve after screwing when it finish.
  • Our tool fit for universal cars,you can use the tapered spout which is offered in the package avoid air leaking.
  • Please lift the tool over the brake pump to ensure it work properly.


    Material: Metal + plastic
    Color: White
    Product Tube Length: 80CM
    Product Work Pressure: 8 kg(appr.)
    Product Capacity: nearly half a liter
    Size: 15 x 6cm /5.91″ x  2.36″(appr.)



    • 1 x Pumping oil Kit
    • 1 x Speed connection


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    3 reviews for Auto Car Brake Fluid Oil Change Replacement Tool

      Anthony Llamas
      Very Glad I got this...Used it for power steering and Brake Fluid already, No More Messes Finally
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      Dean C
      wasn't expecting this to work so well as it did. makes changing out the fluid regularly very easy.
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      This bleeder works great. I used it to both bleed an entire brake system and pump gear oil into a differential.
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