Anti-blocking Floor Drain Filter

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No more clogged drains!

Drains are an essential part of any modern bathroom or kitchen floor. But without a cover, they can cause uncomfortable situations like clogging or a bad stench. Now the new Anti-blocking Floor drain Filter provides you with just what you need to stop that. It is an effective and practical anti-clogging solution, helping to keep your house floors and sinks clean, presentable, and free of bad odor. Suitable for all sink drains, it is perfect to use in all drainage areas of your house. 

Sinks can get quickly messy with objects such as food debris, hair, and other items clogging them. With their superior construction, this handy filter will catch anything you don’t want in your drain so that you can dispose of it in a better way. It has a square shape that you can place with an hour’s hand over the drain. The filter is covered with holes on its surface which acts to strain out objects and let in only the drainage water. This makes it the perfect way to stop blockage to your sinks.  Any modern house fitted with internal plumbing will find this accessory quite useful. 
Blocks out objects from falling in 

  • This cover will keep out all kinds of material from filling and clogging your sink or drainage. Once you have placed it, it is immovable and will easily filter out unwanted objects. All the unsightly grime and dirt are easily contained. You can then use water to flush out the collected dirt in a convenient way. This saves you the trouble to handle the smelly dirt yourself.

Removable for cleaning 

  • You will find it quite easy to clean this filter. It has a simple construction and so that you can install and remove it. This makes it convenient to clean and always maintain tidiness to your floor.

Compatible with standard sinks

  • You can use this product with almost any standard sink. They have just the perfect size so you can use them for most sinks found in showers, washing machines, bathtubs or the kitchen.

Delightful colors to choose from

  • These covers come in three color options. So you can use your creative skill and pick the best options to give your floors the best appearance. The decorative style can give your home a fresh, and attractive look.

Helps to keep the stench with durable service

  • Using this filter will ensure your house space is free of stench that may come from dirt and sewer that accumulate in your sink. With its tough construction consisting of silicone material, it is resistant to wear and can withstand long use to keep your home permanently. It is resilient enough to withstand pressure including the weight of people stepping on it. 


  • Color: white, blue, black
  • Dimensions: 13cm x 13cm

Package Included:

  • 1 x Anti-blocking Floor Drain Filter


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    It’s refreshing to find honesty and great service. These drain covers are perfect and arrived super fast. I’m really happy.
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