Alloy Universal Multilateral Measuring Locator

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Measure size and positioning with ease!

Our Six-Sided Angle Measuring Tool is devoted to making your life much easier, it will be a great gift for someone loves DIY. With this ruler that can be folded at any angle, you can easily cut out the same bricks as the gap. 

Multi-angle Measuring Ruler 

  • 2-in-1 measuring tool and tile positioning hole opener. Our universal angle ruler has a six-piece ruler and six metal knobs that fold freely. Simply adjust them to precisely create the shape you want, make your measuring objects quick and easy.

Precise Measuring and Position

  • Lock the angle ruler in shapes, patterns, and templates to copy the imprint and draw the perfect angle. Multi-tools are an essential tool for any professional or handyman. Accurate angle measurements are possible.

Quick-Lock for High-efficiency

  • Use the sliding ruler to quickly measure the angle and size, lock it, then attach the ruler to the material you need to cut, quickly draw the size and cut it, saving you time and improving your work and productivity.

Wide Application In Daily Life

  • Suitable for home DIY decoration, construction projects, where you need to cut the size can use this ruler.Perfect tool you must have.

Simple But Accurate Operation

  • Just place the template tool ruler onto your work area, slide the rulers into the shape needed, and tighten the screws. The innovative, six-sided template tool can be used as a stencil for cutting your workpiece.


Accurate scale, perfect workmanship, Every ruler undergoes strict quality inspection,we care about every detail of the product, this is definitely a perfect tool.It could not be better as a gift.


  • 1 x Alloy Universal Multilateral Measuring Locator


That every product sold by Lolovee has passed our rigorous quality assurance inspection and is eligible for a 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. And your 100% satisfaction in our service with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT!

4 reviews for Alloy Universal Multilateral Measuring Locator

    It's pretty straight forward. Works as advertised. What I like about it is that you can use it for all sorts of things that you need to measure.
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    Allen Myer
    Makes templating for cutting to fit, fast and easy. I used to use a bevel square but use this now instead.
    pretty fast out of the box, after a little ...More
    Makes templating for cutting to fit, fast and easy. I used to use a bevel square but use this now instead.

    pretty fast out of the box, after a little practice you can get super accurate.

    Cabinet installer- finish carpenter, scribes, plumbing cut outs, window sills, thresholds
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    Gracey Bret
    I like that it is very versatile and can assist in odd angles.
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    Stacy Domm
    Easy to use for tile installation
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