Fishing Content Contest

Lolovee is a social shopping network, and the world’s booming online fishing community. We are heavily focused on curating fishing content for everybody who is into recreational fishing. Not only we want the audience to have great content to enjoy every day, but we also want to make sure the creators are properly rewarded. To achieve this, we are hosting this Fishing Content Contest. If you are a passionate fishing lover who loves to share your fishing experience with fellow fishing people, you should seriously consider being a part of this very casual contest we are hosting. Without further ado, the following are the rules:

  1. Any original content related to fishing is eligible, this includes articles, images, and videos, etc. And only original content created by yourself is eligible, please do not use other people’s content;
  2. You will have access to the content creator’s My Studio page and make posts at any time. Unlike posts you make on your own newsfeed, posts made from the My Studio page will be published to our public fishing channel immediately;
  3. We rank creators by the total number of likes they receive on the posts they make, there is a leaderboard showing contest participants’ ranking and stats available to every fishing user on the network;
  4. The winner will be announced every Saturday based on the number of likes received in the week;
  5. Leaderboard stats and ranking will be reset every Saturday after the winner is announced;
  6. The winner’s profile will be pinned to the top of all fishing users’ newsfeed for a week until the next winner is announced;
  7. The winner will receive $100 in store credit to spend on Lolovee anyway he/she likes to;
  8. There is no expiration date of the contest;
  9. We reserve the right including but not limited to modify these rules 

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